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17/10/2019 Professional Profiles Update Updates and Upload lists have been updated to reflect new profiles and amendments to existing profiles for October.

16/10/2019 Professional Profiles Update New profiles covering Custody roles have been added.

16/10/2019 Professional Profiles update Strategic Investigator (PIP4) profile has been updated.

01/08/2019 Professional Profiles update A new document has been added; Version 6.0 – July 2019 of the upload list containing all current Final Versions of profiles and those currently in ‘Trial Draft’.

10/07/19 Version 3.0 – July 2019 of the updates sheet has been uploaded to reflect recent changes made to the Core profiles. The PEQF wording has been altered in all of the Core profiles.

03/06/19 A new case study has been uploaded onto the RPL Section of the platform, be inspired by DC Paul Cawsey of Greater Manchester Police (GMP) RPL experience, read the extract here.

24/05/19 A few new programmes have been added to the Directory including some shorter credit bearing courses/modules, click here to view the Directory.

24/05/19 On the 11/06/19 the College of Policing Professional Development Team will be running a free Recognition of Prior Experience & Learning (RPL/RPEL) awareness event kindly hosted by Plymouth Marjon University.

Exact Location: Plymouth Marjon University, Derriford Road, Devon, PL6 8BH.


Registration via this hyperlink:

16/05/19 On the 16/05/19 the College of Policing Professional Development Team ran a free Recognition of Prior Experience & Learning (RPL/RPEL) awareness event kindly hosted by Canterbury Christchurch University; particularly informative with excellent examples and speakers of RPL and learning.

29/03/19 Professional Profiles update: Two new documents have been added: 1) Version 5.0 – March 2019 of the upload list. 2) A new document that will track updates to existing profiles.

New profiles have been added in the area of Forensic Collision Investigation and the SOC Tactical Advisor profile. In addition the core Intelligence Profiles have been updated  to reflect the changes to assist with the development of elements of the IPP and the Special Constable profiles have been updated to include aspects of problem solving.

27/03/19 On the 08/05/19 the College of Policing Professional Development Team will be running a free Recognition of Prior Experience & Learning (RPL/RPEL) awareness event kindly hosted by Sunderland University.

Exact Location: St. Peter’s Campus, Sunderland University, Sunderland, SR6 0DD.

View Map:

Date & Time: 08/05/19 arrive at 10.00am for a 10.30am start and concludes at 3.30pm with informal discussions and side stands available.

Registration via this hyperlink:

28/02/19 On the 25/03/19 the College of Policing Professional Development Team will be running a free Recognition of Prior Experience & Learning (RPL/RPEL) awareness event kindly hosted by the University of Northampton (UON).

Exact Location – Northampton University Students Union, The Platform Club, George Row, Northampton, NN1 1DF.

Date & Times – 25/03/19 arrive at 1.30pm for a 2.00pm start and concludes at 5.00pm with informal discussions and side stands either side.

Registration – Via this hyperlink:

22/01/19 The Policing Professional Profiles have been updated following the second of the Maintenance and Review Panels. As a result we now have 134 profiles that have moved from ‘Trial Drafts’ to ‘Final Versions’.

In addition to this we have added the CBRN profiles site as ‘Trial Drafts’ bringing the total number of profiles on the site to 163.

18/01/19 On the 16/01/19 the Professional Development Team of the College of Policing held a pilot Recognition of Prior Experience & Learning (RPL) Awareness Café/Workshop kindly hosted by the University of West London (UWL).  Two sessions were run, one in the afternoon and the other early evening with about 50-60 at the first and about 30 at the second, several other Higher Education Institutions (HEI) were also in attendance and early feedback indicates it was beneficial, worthwhile, debunked some myths and more events are being planned across regions in Wales and England.

18/01/19 You can now go direct to the Credit Estimator here.

18/01/19 There are now 116 different Higher Educational/Professional Awarding Body programmes listed within the RPL Directory which you can access hereThe RPL Directory continues to evolve with a section now included for short ‘bite sized’ credit bearing modules/programmes being delivered by HEIs/Professional Awarding Bodies to run in tandem with RPL.

09/11/18 Whilst members of the College of Policing can access the RPL Credit Estimator there is no requirement now for log in or password details.  The Credit Estimator can also be accessed by former officers and staff together with Higher Educational Institutions/Professional Awarding Bodies.

09/11/18 There are now 114 different Higher Educational/Professional Awarding Body programmes listed within the Directory which you can access here.

28/08/18 There are now 106 different Higher Educational/Professional Awarding Body  programmes listed within the Directory which you can access here.

22/08/18 Watch the discussion on YouTube with College of Policing CEO Chief Constable Mike Cunningham, College of Policing Director Workforce & Education Rachel Tuffin and Chief Constable of Sussex Police & National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) Workforce lead. Click here to view the discussion.

22/08/18 A list of the available trial draft Policing Professional Profiles is now available and will be updated monthly. Click here to see it.

10/08/18 A quote was received today by the College from a very busy frontline Detective Sergeant with Devon & Cornwall Police to the effect:
‘As a current DS I am interested in RPL as it will be of huge benefit to me. I did not go to University as at the time I did not feel that it would be right for me. However I now feel that I am at a stage where I would like to work towards a degree. Using the estimator tool allowed me to identify that I would be awarded credits for my course and training achieved within policing to the value of four years off of a six year distance learning degree. This is obviously a fantastic incentive for me to achieve my goal of gaining a degree.

From an organisational perspective RPL is beneficial as it allows police officers to be award recognition for the excellent work that they do on a daily basis under demanding circumstances. This will hopefully enable officers retiring at a relatively young age to be able to achieve qualifications that can be used for future careers. It also shows that the police force appreciates the hard work that thousands do across the country.

I am hopeful that more officers will take up this opportunity to use RPL as a way of gaining qualifications and pushing on to achieve as much as possible in their careers.’

10/08/18 A recent event organised by Merseyside Police College Ambassadors relating to RPL was well received by a wide range of officers and staff who attended their Operational Command Centre for some bite-sized inputs from College staff, ambassadors and University providers; a few comments of feedback are listed below:

‘awesome event’
‘put together really well’
‘relevant and interesting’
and how it has left one attendee feeling ‘excited’ at the prospect of learning.